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JANUARY 10, 2020


As we finally start moving from insurance approvals to action, we started the partial roof replacement this week.  As of January 7th, the gutters have been removed and the construction crew will begin to replace the necessary areas of the roof that were damaged by the fire.  Stay tuned for more updates!


Josh Dobson, Communications / Public Relations Director

NOVEMBER 15, 2019


As mentioned last week, we have been given the "all clear" to go back into our building...well, the gymnasium.  While the rest of the building remains under construction, we are able to have our weekly Sabbath services in the gym.  

In order to make this as seamless as possible, we do have a few of requests:

1. Park Closer To The Rear Entrance - the front doors lead into the construction area and will remain locked.  So, unless you like to walk, you may want to consider parking in the rear or side lots.  Please keep the elderly and disabled in mind too...if you can comfortably walk a little more, consider the side lots to reserve the spots closest to the rear doors for those that need it.

2. Wear Tennis/Gym Shoes - we appreciate you wanting to wear your best suit or dress on Sabbath, but in this case, please do not wear your nice shoes.  We will be in the gym and the concrete can be slippery, especially when wearing dressy shoes.  Really, wearing sneakers with your suit or dress won't offend is for your SAFETY.

3. Watch Where You Step - because this is a temporary solution, there will be cords taped down to the floor.  Please keep this in mind when walking to/from your seat.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Kids - please do not let your kids run or play around the gym.  This is for the safety of everyone...and the safety of the equipment that is in the gym.

5. Restricted Areas Mean Restricted - if you come to an area that is locked or sealed off in plastic...please do not try to enter.  We have sealed off the construction area for your safety.

6. Enter Gym Through Kitchen Door - we are asking that for the safety of everyone, that you please enter the gym through the kitchen door and please, do not rush or run through that doorway.  The Fellowship Doors may be temporarily opened in between Bible Study and Worship, but will be closed during the worship service.

7. Mothers With Small Kids - we will designate one of the classrooms as the "Mother's Room".  We apologize that there is not the comforts of what we had in the other room as all of that was taken out of the building.  There are no comfy chairs or cribs, but there will be a space for you.  If you have a pack and play, you may want to bring it just in case.

8. Be Patient - yes, we know that a gym worship service is not what we are used to, but it is what we have to make due with until the construction is done.  Our Emergency Committee has worked hard to put together a plan to try and make the service as comfortable as possible, which will include visual monitors for our songs and presentations.  This is our first week, so if something doesn't run so smooth, have patience. 

9. Help Is Always Welcome - because we have school during the week, we need to setup and tear down everything each weekend.  If you feel the urge to offer your assistance, please talk to Banabas Seaton to see if there is an area where you can assist.

10. Give Thanks To God - let's remember, it could have been a whole lot worse.  Just yesterday, a local restaurant here in Gainesville sustained a fire that resulted in a total loss...everything gone.  While we may be a little discombobulated, our structure was spared.

That's about it.  As usual, our Bible Study classes start at 9:45am and worship start at 11:15am.  We will NOT be streaming this week, but hope to have that back up and running by next Sabbath.  We will be recording the message this week, so we will get that uploaded onto the internet as soon as we can.  Thank you again for your patience.  To keep up to date with any announcements regarding our services, please visit our website at


Josh Dobson, Communications / Public Relations Director


EPISODE 1 - released 10/19/2019

Hosts Josh & Connie Dobson take us through the first public look into the church since the fire on October 6.  This walkthrough gives us a look at the clean up project progress as of October 18 and shows some of the fire damage that is still evident even after the clean up.

EPISODE 2 - released 10/26/2019

Hosts Josh & Connie take us through the cleanup efforts within our Sanctuary area.

EPISODE 3 - released 11/2/2019

Hosts Josh & Connie smell some fresh paint...what could it be?

EPISODE 4 - released 11/15/2019

 Hosts Josh & Connie take us through the final leg of the cleaning project.

EPISODE 5 - released 1/10/2020

Host Josh takes us on site to see the new progress on the roof project as well as gives an update from what the electricians have completed.

EPISODE 6 - coming soon

Hosts Josh & Connie can't wait until the work on the interior starts.  Keep checking back for more updates on the Gainesville Church!
Late in the evening of October 6, 2019, tragedy struck the Gainesville Seventh-day Adventist Church as an intruder broke into the church and started the building on fire in the area behind the baptistry.  While the fire damage was not substantial, the smoke left the building with smoke damage extensive enough to require a complete overhaul of most of the church.
Yes, our church is deemed a construction zone and that leaves it as a "hard hat only" area.  But not to worry...our Communication Department will be hosting a series of episodes entitled "Church Improvement" to give everyone an inside look at what is actually going on behind the locked doors and sealed entrances of the building.
At this time we will NOT be releasing any of the fire damage photos, however, at an appropriate time we will call a special informational meeting to allow the church to view the photos, hear the details that we know about the event, and as well as ask any questions about the event and what effects it will have in the future.  This meeting has yet to be scheduled, but will be announced in advance to allow all the opportunity to attend.


Josh Dobson, Communications / Public Relations Director

Updated 10/20/2019


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