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Welcome to the Gainesville Church!  Our church is in Georgia, located about 50 minutes north of Atlanta, GA, with easy access off I-985 (Exit 24).  Just head east on Old Cornelia Hwy through Rabbittown and our church is just up the road on the hill.  We would love to have you visit with us. 

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Message from Pastor Juanfer


Do you remember when...

The older I get, the more conversations that start with that sentence and the better the conversation will be?

We live in a society that is obsessed with trying to remember, go to any park, any event and people are recording, taking pictures that they'll never see or print. People want to remember, the thing is, the more time passes the harder it becomes to remember. A lady was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and as she visited with the pastor she said, whatever happens, I will not forget God. The best way she could think of it was reciting John 3:16, in her death bed, she could be heard saying for God... 

See we want to remember and we want to be remembered, because if we remember or are remembered it means that we matter!

So, here are a few points to remember something. 

1. Make it a priority (most of the time we forget because honestly other things are more important)

2. Schedule it (nothing happens if we don't schedule it)

3. Plan for it. 

4. Make it memorable, make it fun (actually go and do it)

5. Plan to celebrate it later on.

In the Bible, there's one commandment that begins with the word Remember. It's one that God knew we could take for granted. That's why God says Remember so that we would take notes and not forget it. Sabbath has become a blessing for me and my family. I believe it can also be a blessing to you and your family. Instead of being a burden it can be the greatest blessing for us. It was Jesus who said..And He said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. (Mark 2:22).

1. So make it a priority!

2. Schedule it. Saturdays are for me and God. When people come calling, you say, I'm sorry I'm busy that day. 

3. Plan for it, Plan if you are going to rest, or going for a hike, or going to read... When we go on dates we plan them in advance, do the same thing with God. 

4. Make it memorable, stop focusing on the don'ts and focus on the do. 

5. during the week remember the good times you had and plan to celebrate what God has done for you the next Sabbath!

Let's make celebrating with God a never-ending cycle!

Have a good month of June and awesome sabbaths from here on now!


- Pastor Juanfer Monsalve

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