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Vacation Bible School

Get ready for summer fun at Heroes Vacation Bible School!

Kids love heroes and this summer, instead of talking about superheroes from the comics or movies, this new VBS from the Seventh-day Adventist Church will teach them about heroes from the Bible. Miriam, Samuel and Rhoda were all kids who did little things that made a big difference.

Each day we will discuss different characteristics of real heroes. Kids will see that Jesus is with us and will help us be heroes by doing little things that make a big difference. They will learn to be brave for Jesus, devoted to Jesus, caring for others, bold in sharing, and generous with others.

Your kids will love the fun and interactive learning experience at Heroes Vacation Bible School.



Activity Stations

Opening Program

Begin each day in Bethany with great new songs, skits and meeting the daily Bible hero.

Oasis Prayer Station

Connect with God through prayer activities that show kids how much Jesus loves them. Oasis time closes with kids experiencing prayer as a group and then praying individually.

Discovery House Bible Stories

Experience interactive Bible stories that bring each day’s Bible hero to life.

Milk and Honey Café

Enjoy healthy and refreshing snacks that reinforce each day’s Bible story.

Marketplace Crafts

Kids show their creative side while learning more about the daily theme.

Bethany Game Arena

Burn off extra energy while experiencing the Bible story in a new way.

Closing Program

Wrap up the day with more songs and skits. Kids will review what they learned and have a chance to make a difference by giving to our mission project.


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