Shopping List

Shopping List for Family Promise Week

You may print the following list and use as a checklist while shopping.


  1 box Waffles - bulk, frozen
  1 bag Pancakes - bulk, frozen
  2 pks Cereal - single serving variety packs
  2 doz Granola bars
  2 box Oatmeal - instant, single serving variety packs
  1 bunch Bananas
  1 bag Apples - 5 lbs
  12 ea Ramen - assorted flavors
  1 pack Turkey - family size deli packs for sandwiches
  1 pack Roast Beef - family size deli packs for sandwiches
  1 pack Cheese - sliced for sandwiches
  2 loaves Bread
  1 tub Margarine / Butter
  1 bottle Mayonnaise - squeezable
  2 doz Chips - single serving variety packs
  1 doz Pretzels - single serving
  1 box Popcorn - microwave
  2 packs String Cheese
  1 jar Peanut Butter
  1 bottle Jelly - squeezable
  1 pack Chicken Nuggets - bulk, frozen
  2 cases Bottled Water
  1 gal Orange Juice
  1 gal Apple Juice
  1 gal Milk



  1 pack Diapers - Size 3 (W Family)
  1 can Similac NeoSure Formula (W Family)
  1 can Similac Regular Formula (M Family)
  1 bottle Baby Lotion (M Family)


This list contains the basic items we need in order to host our Family Promise guests for one week at our church. 

These items should be purchased and delivered to the church no later than by 4pm on the Sunday our guests arrive.