Meal Host Information

Updated 2/19/2020


For those preparing meals, here is what we need to prepare for.  Remember to include "kid friendly" items in your meals.


G 1 8, 3 None known
R 2 16, 14, 14, 13 Wheat/Lactose
S 2 5, 2, 7mo None known



NOTE: Our guests will have dinner at the Day Center and then arrive at the church by 8:30PM. Dinner will need to be delivered by 4:30pm  to the Day Center on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY of each week. On alternate days, the families will eat leftovers.  Because of  work and school schedules, families may not be at the Day Center when the dinner is delivered.  If no one is available to answer the door, please provide the dinner volunteer with the center door code and instruct them to put items that need to be refrigerated in the refrigerator in the downstairs kitchen. Items that do not need to be refrigerated, can be left on the table in the dinning area.


Meal Host Information

• Meal Hosts need to supply a meal, good for 2 days, to the DC by 4:30pm. 
• Families will eat leftovers the following day. 
• No frozen meals as there is no oven at the Day Center.