Mad About Marriage (Jan 22-23)

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Mike Tucker is coming to Gainesville, Georgia!

January 22-23, 2021


Session 1: Friday @ 7pm

Session 2: Saturday @ 2:30pm





What People Are Saying About Mad About Marriage:



“The Mad About Marriage seminar was wonderful -- start to finish! Educational, entertaining, and practical. We are committed to making the rest of our married life the best of our married life!

Thank you!”-- Rhonda



“The seminar was incredible. This showed up at the perfect time in our lives with biblical based information that hit perfectly. It gave me instant self-realization of what I’ve been doing wrong all these years. If only we had done this year’s ago, we could have saved some heartache. I want others to be able to benefit from this wonderful ministry.”

-- Dan



“My wife and I were headed for divorce when we went to the seminar. It seemed that everything you talked about dealt directly with our situation. We took it all to heart and began to work on our marriage based on your practical suggestions. Thanks so much for your ministry.” - Attendee



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