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Sunday: Tainted Temple Leadership

Nehemiah chapter 13 begins with a concern about Ammonite and Moabite foreigners/idolaters in their midst (Neh. 13:1-3). These verses do not speak about driving away individuals from a different nation or race who followed God, but rather they refer to sending away those who were of a different faith — not converts, but idolaters. (See also Deut. 23:3-6). Continue reading -->

Sabbath: Backslidden People

Read for This Week’s Study: Neh. 13:1-9; Deut. 23:3-6; Neh. 13:10-14; Num. 18:21-24; Neh. 13:15-22; John 5:5-16. Memory Text: “And I commanded the Levites that they should cleanse themselves, and that they should go and guard the gates, to sanctify the Sabbath day. Remember me, O my God, concerning this also, and spare me according to the greatness of Your mercy!” (Nehemiah 13:22, Continue reading -->

Inside Story ~ Georgia

3 Warnings in Abkhazia By Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission Valentina Dmitrienko, intent on finding corn to bake lepyoshka flatbread for her family, hurried to the outdoor market in Abkhazia, a breakaway region in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. She didn’t have much money, and a months-long armed struggle in her hometown, Sukhumi, had caused Continue reading -->

Friday: Further Thought ~ Worshiping the Lord

Further Study: Read Ellen G. White, “Growing Up Into Christ”, pages 67–75, in Steps to Christ. “The cross of Christ will be the science and the song of the redeemed through all eternity. In Christ glorified they will behold Christ crucified. Never will it be forgotten that He whose power created and upheld the unnumbered worlds through the Continue reading -->

Thursday: Priests and Levites as Part of Worship

Read Nehemiah 12:44-47. Why did Judah rejoice “over the priests and Levites who ministered”? Why were they important? What did the work of the priests (who were Levites) symbolize? See Hebrews 9:1-11. “The intercession of Christ in man’s behalf in the sanctuary above is as essential to the plan of salvation as was His death upon the cross. Continue reading -->

Wednesday: Sacrifices as Part of Worship

Read Nehemiah 12:43. What was special about offering “great sacrifices” as part of their worship celebration? Sacrifices were the most essential aspect of worship during the time of the temple. Several different sacrifices were used, either for the promise of forgiveness or to express the joy of fellowship and gratitude to God. Sacrifices provided the substance Continue reading -->



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