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Tuesday: Work Stoppage

What did the “enemies” do in Ezra 4:6-24 in order to stop the work in Jerusalem? The “people of the land” wrote letters of accusation against the Jews and their work first to Darius (Ezra chapters 5 and 6), then to King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) as well as Artaxerxes. They were doing everything in their power to stop the Continue reading -->

HopeSS: Facing Opposition (October 26, 2019)

You can view an in-depth discussion of “Facing Opposition” in the Hope Sabbath School class led by Pastor Derek Morris. Click on the image to view: You may download an MP4 video file, and audio file or a PDF lesson outline from the HopeSS site. With thanks to Hope Channel – Television that will change Continue reading -->

Monday: Prophets Encourage

Unfortunately, the opposition that the Jews encountered from the surrounding nations, as described in Ezra chapters 4-6, left them afraid and unwilling to work on the temple. As mentioned before, Ezra 4:6-6:22 is not written in chronological order. Therefore, we will look at chapter 5 before chapter 4. Read Ezra 5:1-5. Why does God send the prophets Haggai Continue reading -->

Sunday: Opposition Begins

Read Ezra 4:1-5. Why do you think the Israelite remnant refused the help of other people in building the temple? On the surface, the request seemed like a kind, neighborly thing to do, so why turn down the help? In one sense, the answer is found in the text itself. The “adversaries” came to offer them Continue reading -->

Sabbath: Facing Opposition

Read for This Week’s Study: Ezra 4:1-5, 2 Cor. 6:14, Ezra 5:1-5, Haggai 1:1-15, Ezra 4:6-24, Nehemiah 4:1-23, Neh. 6:1-13. Memory Text: “But the eye of their God was upon the elders of the Jews, so that they could not make them cease till a report could go to Darius. Then a written answer was returned concerning this matter” (Ezra 5:5, NKJV). Continue reading -->

Inside Story ~ Japan

Japanese Pastor Finds $30,000 By Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission The large water bill shocked Japanese church leaders in Tokyo. Astonished that the bill had doubled from the previous month, leaders of Amanuma Seventh-day Adventist Church contacted the water company and soon learned that an underground pipe had burst and was spewing water. The waterpipe could Continue reading -->



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