Nominating Committee

Nominated Officers: Present to June 30, 2021

On September 7, 2019, the Nominating Committee presented their list of nominees for church offices thru June 30, 2021. The list has been posted online for you to review before the 2nd reading and vote on September 14, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Juanfer Monsalve or Josh Dobson before Friday, September 13, 2019.

First Reading 9/7/2019
Deadline to Appeal 9/13/2019
Second Reading 9/14/2019
Church Vote - PASSED 9/14/2019



Updated 9/16/2019

The following positions have been nominated by the committee and have been brought to the church for consideration & vote.

SCHOOL BOARD - selects own chair/secretary/treasurer VOTED
Pablo Mendoza - Chair 6/29/19
Steve Mitchell - Vice Chair 6/29/19
Betty Willis - Treasurer 6/29/19
Jennifer Blyden - Secretary 6/29/19
Owen Byers 6/29/19
Anita Collatz - Home & School 6/29/19
Dera Burt 6/29/19
Rose Grant - Principal Ex Officio
Juanfer Monsalve - Pastor Ex Officio


If you are interested in serving, please contact Pastor Juanfer or Josh Dobson.

2019-2021 NOMINATING


Juanfer Monsalve - Chair

Josh Dobson - Secretary

Steve Mitchell

Mike Banjao

Kim Warren

Nancy Byers

Jon Williams

Betty Willis

Cherie Michals - Alternate

Jordan Blyden - Alternate


Established: 5/25/19

Concluded: 9/14/19


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