Communications & Media

Communications Team

Announcement Hosts Josh & Connie Dobson
Publication Editor Josh Dobson
Copy Editor Laura Clark
Photographer Jordan Blyden
Photographer Connie Dobson
Newsletter Editor Valarie Blyden
Email/SMS Communications Josh Dobson
Public Relations Josh Dobson
Webmaster Josh Dobson


Media Team

Director/Producer Josh Dobson
Live Production Viorel Covaci
Live Production Jordan Blyden
Live Production Anthony Stephens
Live Production Benji Seaton
Live Production Pablo Mendoza
Graphic Design Josh Dobson


Social Media Team

Administrator Josh Dobson
Moderator Jordan Blyden
Moderator Juanfer Monsalve


Josh Dobson - Director

Josh has been our Communications & Media Director since 2015.  He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and has a degree in Business Management and Accounting.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and twin children.  The Dobson's moved down to North Georgia back in 2013 and enjoy being in the outdoors.  Josh has a background in Marketing and has worked with the Southern Union on several projects.


Josh enjoys the digital world and is a freelance graphic designer on the side.  He enjoys using his talents for the Lord whether it be creating flyers, social media content, or produced videos.


In addition to Communications, Josh also serves as:

• Church Secretary

• Adventurers Secretary

• Audio/Visual Team

• Personal Ministries

• Finance Committee

• Security Committee

• Vacation Bible School